This Bird-Shaped Alarm Clock Is Cuter (and Gentler) Than Your Phone

published Feb 5, 2020
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Credit: MoMA Store

Most alarm clocks do their job by jolting you awake with a piercing sound that could probably shatter glass if the volume was clicked up a few notches. And if you use your phone to wake up in the morning, then you’re probably all too familiar with the tailspin induced by someone in the office having the same ringtone as your alarm bell. Yeah. Not fun. 

To make waking up in the morning a lot more enjoyable, the MoMA Design Store has a new alarm clock called “Chirp,” and this thing honestly may turn us into a morning person.

The Chirp Alarm Clock is designed to look like a piece of art. The body of the clock is a kiln-fired porcelain bird equipped with a “proud robin’s breast” of layered LED lights. The entire contraption is attached to a marble base programmed with manual buttons that allow you to set your preferred light strength and nature sound.

That’s right—Chirp wakes you with soothing birdsong, sounds from nature, and artificial sunlight, all of which make you feel like you’re waking up in a cottage in the middle of the woods. We’re relaxed just thinking about it.

“Twenty minutes before the alarm sounds, the Chirp Alarm Clock and Light will begin to glow softly, gradually increasing in intensity to a serene morning glow,” the MoMA website explains. “Once the light is at its maximum power, the sounds of nature—chirping birds, flowing water—will gradually surround you, providing a wake-up ritual that is refreshing, non-intrusive and peaceful.”

You can also program your Chirp with an app on your phone to easily preset your wakeup time, nature sound, and surrounding environment. 

The Chirp Alarm Clock is available for purchase through the MoMA Design Store for $200. However, if you’re a MoMA member, you can snag the Chirp for $180.

Perhaps alarm clocks aren’t so bad, after all.