7 Times Chloe Kim Was Super Relatable

published Feb 13, 2018
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Chloe Kim is on everyone’s minds today, as the 17 year old snowboarder just took the gold for Team USA in the women’s half-pipe competition. But when she’s not on the slopes, she’s a regular teen who is super relatable. Here are seven tweets that show Chloe is actually all of us.

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She loves a good hospital drama

Our favorite show

— Chloe Kim (@chloekimsnow) October 16, 2017

She posts a ton of cute & hilarious pet pics

Ummm… you good?

— Chloe Kim (@chloekimsnow) November 12, 2017

(Also check out her Instagram for more photos of Reese the Australian Shepherd.)

Fetch ?

A post shared by Chloe Kim (@chloekimsnow) on

She polls social media for hair advice

think i’m gonna color my hair again… ? what should i do??!

— Chloe Kim (@chloekimsnow) June 4, 2017

Yep, even top ranked snowboarders have to take the SATs

getting my May SAT scores tomorrow! don’t know if i’m terrified or kind of excited?!

— Chloe Kim (@chloekimsnow) June 6, 2017

Not proud, but we’ve definitely done this

Sometimes I dream about my friends really annoying me and I wake up feeling salty towards them ?

— Chloe Kim (@chloekimsnow) November 13, 2017

Honestly, sometimes it just really hurts

do you ever just stub your toe and drop to the ground

— Chloe Kim (@chloekimsnow) September 3, 2016

Literally always

Could be down for some ice cream rn

— Chloe Kim (@chloekimsnow) February 12, 2018