Choosing Plants That Make Good Cut Flowers

Choosing Plants That Make Good Cut Flowers

Matthew Noiseux
Apr 16, 2010

Although it may be a true country vision of someone coming in from their outdoor garden with an armful of roses or fresh lavender destined for the kitchen table pitcher, those of us in the city can still bring a little bit in from outdoors if we choose the right plants.

In many plants the act of cutting off the flowers signals to the plant that its job is not over. Plants need to produce seeds to survive and will keep blooming and putting out side shoots in an effort to do what they were born to do. You keep cutting, the plant keeps blooming. It's called deadheading.

  • When shopping for plants you want to select a variety that will produce sturdy, long stems for putting in vases.
  • You should also look for varieties that will benefit from deadheading and continue to flower.
  • Not every plant will keep pushing out flowers if you cut them back. Tulips, for example, will not. Peonies will not rebloom. Neither will Irises. And the same is true with many other spring-blooming bulbs and bushes. So check with the garden center and make sure the varieties you are choosing will blossom again after deadheading.

A (very) few plant examples that have varieties which can make great cut flowers, and will repeatedly blossom after deadheading:

  • Rose
  • Dahlia
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Marigold
  • Salvia
  • Lavender
  • Echinacea
  • Daisies

My little planter by the door (in the pics above) consists of:

  • Ranunculus
  • African Daisy
  • Dusty Miller
  • English Ivy

All of these can take a clipping and keep on ticking. I would often buy Ranunculus at the florist so am happy to have them. I am not looking to make enormous bouquets, but just have the occasional treat in a small vase. We've already enjoyed a few this past week, and it's nice to know we can just go out and cut a few more and the plants will keep on going.

For any of you out there with small flowerboxes or balcony containers, have you had any particular success with certain plants for cut flowers?

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