Choosing the Right Vacuum to Fight Fall Allergies

Choosing the Right Vacuum to Fight Fall Allergies

Oct 16, 2014
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(Image credit: Miele)
(Image credit: Miele)

Warm apple cider. Pumpkins. And... Ragweed!! If, like me, your allergies are the most bountiful thing about fall, it may be a good time to investigate whether your vacuum is doing more harm than good. Some vacuums actually stir allergens up from floors and into the air, but the new FreshAir vacuums from Miele are designed with allergy sufferers in mind. Armed with advanced HEPA filters and a sealed airflow system, these mighty machines do all the dirty work while keeping autumnal allergens out of the air.

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HEPA = Happiness

The HEPA in “HEPA filters” actually stands for something: High Efficiency Particulate Arresting. In other words, these filters are really great for trapping dust and allergens—including Ragweed pollen and other top offenders. If they’re good enough for the International Space Station, chances are HEPA filters will also do a great job purifying the air that passes through your vacuum back here on Earth. Miele’s FreshAir vacuums are equipped with HEPA AirClean filters that capture 99.9% of allergens.

Bags are Better

Yes they’re under our eyes right now, but as allergy sufferers we should also make sure bags are in our vacuums. Bagless vacuum cleaners sure are convenient, but they have a hard time keeping dust and allergens inside and tend to spew particles back out into the air when vacuuming and emptying. Miele’s 9-layer, electrostatically-charged filter bags keep microparticles inside and feature a spring-loaded self-locking collar so they seal themselves as soon as they’re removed to prevent rogue allergens from escaping.

(Image credit: Miele)

Attachments Are Essential

Much of my childhood chore anxiety can be traced back to not knowing which vacuum cleaner attachment was for what. That was before you could easily find answers to such gut-wrenching questions on the internet. As it turns out, all of these tools are designed to reach the areas where allergens especially like to hang out, such as bookshelves (dust depot), upholstery (ragweed row) and mattress seams (basically an amusement park for dust mites). It’s wise to hit these hard-to-reach areas at least once a week during allergy season and especially before moving furniture or covering mattresses with anti-allergy covers. Miele FreshAir Series vacuums come equipped with a full set of attachments, all cleverly hidden under the vacuum lid for easy access and secure stowing.

Still sniffling? Get thee to Miele, and learn more about their new FreshAir series of upright and canister vacuums, designed specifically with allergy sufferers in mind.

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