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Christian Siriano Has a Minimalist Nightstand — But He Always Makes Room for This Iconic Candle

published Mar 16, 2021
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Credit: Shane Lavancher

Our nightstand setup says a lot about how we like to end the day and start another. What’s On My Nightstand asks celebrities, entrepreneurs, and beyond what essentials they like to keep within arm’s reach. 

On my nightstand, I’ve currently got two books, two lotions, two water vessels (one glass, one bottle), and three jewelry dishes. Translation: I’m a slow reader because I read in bed, floral scents make me feel relaxed, I try to drink water at night to make up for the water I didn’t drink all day, and I need a more consistent place for my jewelry. All this to say, Christian Siriano takes a different approach to his nightstand setup — he keeps things minimal.

In a recent interview Apartment Therapy, the fashion designer described his nightstand as “pretty simple.” And he wasn’t being modest: with just five items total (one of which being for his dog), he leads a decluttered bedside table life. Heck, Siriano’s nightstand drawers are even emptyMarie Kondo would be extremely proud.

Maximal or minimal nightstand aside, Siriano knows the importance of taking care of yourself from the comfort of bed and beyond. At his NYFW show last month, he emphasized the idea of treating your bedroom like your own personal runway with models rising from Beautyrest mattresses like they just woke up from a deep slumber, then putting on their own outfits to start the day refreshed and ready to go. Siriano says getting dressed in the morning can shift your whole attitude, which is nothing new but nonetheless a good reminder for us folks continuing to work from home (and in PJs, many days).

But before reaching for the clothes, you often reach for what’s on your bedside — and I wanted to know what that looked like for Siriano. See below for what few but important items he keeps nearby before snoozing and rising — and, presumably, getting dressed in the creme de la creme of outfits.

Ear pods: The first thing Siriano brought up as a nightstand essential is his ear pods, so he can listen to music before falling asleep most nights. What exactly he listens to is unconfirmed, but we do know of plenty free music and meditation apps out there that can help one get some shuteye.

Jewelry and watches: Even though Siriano doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry and watches in general, what he does occasionally put on tends to accumulate on his bedside table. “I do keep [jewelry and watches] on my nightstand and I don’t know why, now that I think about it,” Siriano said. As someone who has three dishes filled to the brim with jewelry, I understand.

Diptyque candle: Any celebrity with good taste in candles is a friend of mine. Siriano says that he likes to keep a Diptyque candle at his side. Lit or not, you can take wonderful whiffs of these iconic candles by just having one in close proximity.

Multiple glasses of water: Okay, maybe Siriano’s and my nightstand have more things in common than I originally thought. He, too, collects glasses of water over time, because you never know when you might get thirsty and need a sip. I think we can all agree that it’s the worst when you have to get up from your slumber because your mouth is dry. Maybe the solution is getting a bedside faucet (one can dream).

Puppy collar: If you’re a pet parent, it’s understood that there are no distinct boundaries between your fur child’s and your own belongings. So it comes as no surprise that one of the things on Siriano’s nightstand is a collar that belongs to his pup Poppy, who he proudly shows off on his Instagram.

Siriano also shared the thing that he can’t stand being on his nightstand: any food or beverages beyond water, which includes the dishes and cups that come with it. “It kind of actually drives me crazy, I always have to take away my boyfriend’s. I don’t like the smell of sitting food or drinks, it’s just a weird thing.”

Thanks for chatting with us, Christian!