Christie Chase of Christie Chase

Christie Chase of Christie Chase

Sonia Zjawinski
Nov 4, 2009

Name: Christie Chase
Location: Houston, Texas
Size of Loft: Loft space with garage below built in 2005 about 800 sq.ft.
Blog: christiechase.blogspot

We've posted about some of Christie Chase's DIY ideas, including her stained Elfa shelving, a few times now, so we thought we'd ask to get the full tour of where Christie comes up with all her fabulous ideas....

Christie lives in a 1,600 square foot bungalow built in 1919 with her husband Tyler, her two dogs and one cat. She works in a loft space built on the property in 2005. "In addition to my art/sewing studio, it houses a TV/projector area, a bathroom, and a guest bedroom area that my younger sister lives in while in graphic design school," Christie tells Unplggd.

Christie's guest bedroom, actually, is one of Apartment Therapy's Color Contest applicants.

"These former end tables serve as a bench and storage at the end of the guest bed. I refinished the drawer fronts in the same stain as the floor, and painted the cabinets similar to the dresser in my studio space."

What do you do for a living: Freelance writer, real estate home stager, interior decorator, seamstress, artist, furniture refurbisher.....umm apparently I have career ADD :)

How would you describe your office: My studio in my loft is where I work, and I would describe it as cheerful, light-filled, and functional.

What's always found on (in)your workspace: Coffee, sewing shears, paint brushes.

"We built the work table from a sheet of plywood, 4x4's and casters. The photo above the windows is an enlarged photo that I took of a graffiti filled skate park along the Thames in London. I had it blown up at a photo shop and mounted on gatorfoam. It is hanging by commercial grade velcro."

Favorite thing about your workspace: The natural light it gets & my giant work table on wheels.

What do you hate about your workspace: There is really nothing that I hate about my space from a design perspective, but I do hate it when it gets cluttery and the table is makes me feel overwhelmed.

What inspires your work/blog/site: My blog is inspired by my work. I wanted a way to catalogue all of the projects that I work on for myself and others, and so I started the blog.

Is your work reflected in your workspace: My husband and I finished our loft space ourselves, taking it from a framed shell to a finished space. We did unglamourous things like installed tile, framed windows, hung lighting, as well as built the work table and the wall of shelving with the library ladder for my fabrics and supplies. My work is everywhere in the space, as I reupholstered almost all the furniture, painted almost all of the artwork & furniture, stained the elfa shelving, and sewed linens, pillows, etc.

Any tips or advice about office décor, layout, organization, working from home in general: It is so nice to have a dedicated work space that I can close the door on when I get too tired. As for layout, I have moved my studio space around several times, realizing that it is important to keep the items that you use every day close at hand and stored within easy reach, or else you will never put them away.

Favorite tech/electronics that makes your life easier: I would have to say my Laser Level and laptop.

Where did you get all the great furniture in your home office: Almost all of our furniture in both the house and loft come from resale shops. I have reupholstered, reconfigured, stripped, stained and painted the heck out of most of it.

When did you start your blog and why: I started my blog earlier this spring because I needed a way to keep track of, and write notes to myself about all of the projects I do for myself, my family and my clients. I would see an old picture of something I made that I had totally forgotten that I had done, so I started the blog to help journal my Do-It-Yourself efforts. I constantly get questions about how to paint this or sew that, and the blog helps give me a resource to direct people to on "how I did it". The blog has been surprisingly cathartic for me, and seeing my finished project posts really makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. I love writing it, and have been so happy to hear about those that are inspired to try a project of their own because of a post they read on my blog.

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