Christine and Pierre's Kitchen: Moving Forward Again

Christine and Pierre's Kitchen: Moving Forward Again

Oct 2, 2013

Name: Christine & Pierre
Type of Project: Kitchen remodel
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Type of building: Ground floor apartment of a triplex, 1,100 square feet

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We hit the wall, and now we're over the wall. Things are moving forward again!

First off, Nick from Ottawa Granite Pro came out early in the week to take measurements. The speed at which they've taken on the job has seriously renewed my faith in humanity. We signed the contract with them on Friday and they were at our place on Tuesday taking measurements. Nick had a fancy laser machine that he used to calculate all the weird variations with our super uneven walls.

The radiators are reinstalled!!

Our plumber came back out to install the radiators. We'll have to pay a little more for him to make additional service visits, as his original quote assumed that he would come back once and install everything in one go. But again, we're stuck with things having to go in order. The radiator has to be installed before we can put the pantry back together. So he made a special visit just for this. This allowed us to FINALLY secure the pantry in place.

Putting the radiator back meant we could finally finish up the installation of the pantry.

We made a few annoying discoveries shortly afterwards - namely, that we were missing the 153 degree hinges for one of the pantries, as well as a few drawer fronts for the pantry we wanted. So back to IKEA we go. We have been joking that for the last month, we've made a minimum of one trip to Ikea and Home Depot per week.

Hunting for shelving options. Reclaimed barn wood is an option, but might be a challenge to work with.

There's still not much we can do on weekends while we're waiting for the countertops, so I spent some time this weekend doing some reconnaissance work on materials for the open shelving. I looked into barn wood, driving out of the city to visit a couple that restore and resell reclaimed wood. This is a great option, but since we'll have to rout out sections of the shelves for lighting and to hold the brackets, it might be really challenging to work with. (It might also be tricky to find planks that are sufficiently straight and long.) I also visited a specialty wood store in town with more traditional options. It might make sense to just purchase a countertop material - nice and thick and straight and deep, and it would be super easy to work with.

If we want nice thick slabs of wood, it might make the most sense to buy countertops and cut them to size.

No decisions made yet, the jury is still out. Unfortunately for the speed of this renovation, I still prefer to make decisions slowly, once other aspects of the kitchen are installed. I'll revisit these options once I'm really ready to order the shelves once and for all.

Estimated time for project: 18 weeks
Time remaining: 3 weeks

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(Images and diary text: Christine Zoltok)

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