Christine and Pierre's Kitchen: Building Back Up

Christine and Pierre's Kitchen: Building Back Up

Jul 30, 2013

Drywall is going up, and it's starting to look like a room!

Name: Christine & Pierre
Type of Project: Kitchen remodel
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Type of building: Ground floor apartment of a triplex, 1,100 square feet

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Second week of the pros. The week started off with us correcting a few details we noticed on the weekend. First off, the electrician had installed the outlets on the backsplash way too high! So, so glad I caught that before the drywall went up. I also remembered a detail I had originally planned for but had forgotten — an outlet on the back wall for a clock. I was able to mention those things to the guys on Monday morning so they could take care of them that day.

One of the drywall guys, Peter, doing an amazing job carving out the drywall to fit around the hardware on the beams.

This week, all the drywall went up, and the floors went through another round of levelling. We also got a brand new cement sill, and the area around the window got rebuilt. After weeks of chaos, things are really starting to look like they're coming together and we can start to imagine the finished space. It's incredibly exciting.


We had a crazy humid heat wave this week, so things went a little slower than they would have with the drywall. We also hadn't removed one of the radiators, thinking we could work around it — apparently not. The plumber will come back on Monday to remove the radiator so the guys can finish up the drywall.

More mudding!

We're kind of sad to see the guys go, but we need to figure out a few details before they can move forward anyway. Primarily, we need to find flooring, which is our number one priority for next week.

Our brand new cement sill. Take that, ants.  

Estimated time for project: 13 weeks
Time remaining: 6 weeks

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(Images and diary text: Christine Zoltok)

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