Christmas Games for Holiday Laughs & Cheer

Christmas Games for Holiday Laughs & Cheer

Carrie McBride
Dec 10, 2014
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There are a lot of built-in activities around the Christmas holiday: caroling, cookie making, snowman building, snowball fighting, and present opening. So perhaps you and your loved ones don't need any ideas for things to do together. But our family has found that some of our most fun holiday memories are of playing games together. If you're looking for some fun Christmas party games, here are ten ideas:

  1. Minute To Win It Holiday Games: Simple, hilarious games based on or inspired by the tv show Minute It To Win It. Friends or family members have one minute to complete a task, often a silly one. In the show, you only advance to the next challenge if you've successfully completed one, but you can make up your own house rules. Challenges might include: tossing marshmallows through a wreath into a small bucket, moving a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands, shaking bells out of a tissue box belted to your waist, moving candy canes from one place to another using only another candy cane in your mouth, etc.

    To get a better idea of these games, check out:
  1. Wrapping Paper Fashion Show: compete individually or in teams to create the best outfit out of wrapping paper, bows and ribbons. This family even made a runway video showcasing the holiday styles of The House of Belardo.
  2. Name That Holiday Tune (Celebration Ideas Online): Give clues (i.e."Are you detecting the same aural sensations as I am?") to describe popular holiday songs and the first person with the answer sings it out. Celebration Ideas Online has clues you can print out.
  1. Holiday Family Feud (Sweet Dreams Are Made of These): in the same vein as the tv game show, divide into teams and see who can answer the questions best ("survey says!..."). Briana of Sweet Dreams Are Made of These has a set of questions and answers you can download to use.
  2. Ornament Bean Bag Toss (Positively Splendid): reminiscent of corn hole, bean bags are tossed onto a drawn Christmas tree with higher scoring for different parts of the tree.
  3. What's In the Stocking? (Little Wonders' Days): Put small objects in a stocking and have each person reach in and try to identify, by touch only, what they are. Variation: put one thing in a stocking at a time and have people try to identify it by only touching from teh outside.
  4. Bow Run (Little Family Fun): A great way to burn off excess energy for kids as they race to move bows from one box to another. Linda of Little Family Fun offers variations of the game as well as a few other ideas for bow-based games.
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  1. Don't Ring the Bells Obstacle Course (Childhood 101): Indoors or out, set up a variety of bell-laden obstacles and challenge kids (or adults!) to make it through soundlessly.
  2. Christmas Bow Flashlight Scavenger Hunt (Hands On As We Grow): Send kids off on a scavenger hunt with flashlights (lights out) in search of wrapping paper bows you've placed around the house.
  3. Blind-Folded Christmas Tree Decorating (One Good Thing By Jillee): Teams of two try to make and decorate a paper tree together. The twist: one person gives instructions to the other who is blindfolded.

If you just want some party fun and don't care if it's holiday-themed, check out our post → Always Entertaining Party Games

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