People Are Putting Christmas Decorations Up to Spread Positivity and Cheer in Their Neighborhoods

published Mar 19, 2020
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Credit: Shutterstock/Ryzhkov Oleksandr

It’s been proven that putting up your Christmas decorations early may make you happier, and people around the country are following this lead nine months in advance. 

Twitter users are sharing photos of their festively dressed homes during a time where many of us are staying in, hoping to spread the same cheer that happens around the holidays. Whether they’ve taken the decorations back out or never took them down at all, people are in agreement that the holiday lights are a good way to lift spirits around their neighborhoods. 

One tweet by @lanegrindle seemed to have helped spread the idea of putting up Christmas lights early. He posed the question of “what if,” then mentioned how people could still practice social distancing while enjoying the festive decor by driving around in their cars.

The rest of Twitter took to this idea, too, and started sharing photos of their own homes to take part in the positive movement. 

Many homeowners have been posting about about jumping right in and putting their holiday decorations up…

While others made their case as to why they keep holiday lights up all year round!

#KeepItPositive is the name of the game, and all these decorators are participating.

Candy canes and all!

Regardless of whether or not people put up their lights and decorations, it’s good to see social media coming together to create some joy when it’s needed. A little cheer can truly go a long way.