Christmas with Martha in the Big House

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Repent, forgive, and file a brief…. She may be on the Inside, but Martha has figured out a way to send word during the holidays — a post to her personal web site. “When one is incarcerated with 1,200 other inmates, it is hard to be selfish at Christmas,” she says. No, the post does not contain a cassoulet recipe for 100 or instructions on how to use a jeweler’s drill to transform nuts into Christmas tree ornaments, but, well, could there be something kinder and gentler going on here? “I beseech you to think about these women,” she writes. “Many of them are devoid of care, devoid of love, devoid of family.” Recipes? No. The Christmas spirit? Sure enough. So what if she also points us to her latest legal filing? A girl’s got to fight for herself. Ref. Roxie Hart….

photo – reuters/shannon stapleton