Christmas with No Presents: No Impact Man

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Anyone familiar with Colin Beavan (aka No Impact Man) is probably not at all surprised that, in 2007, he and his family chose to skip traditional Christmas gift buying and giving.

He went for a holiday celebration without presents, and he says it was the “best of Christmas … all the upside without the downside.”

Christmas without presents? (Yes, as much as we fight it, something inside is screaming “bah humbug!”)

But Colin, in an article he wrote for Yes!, explains (and backs up with research) that what makes us happy during the holidays is not the presents and the shopping — it’s the people and the quality time spent with loved ones …. We knew that already right?

Still, no presents? Well, that’s not entirely true. Colin and his wife did give gifts. They gave gift certificates for massages, the theatre, dinner at a local restaurant — things that aren’t things. And their daughter was given hand-me down toys from her older cousins. Of course, she was more interested in singing carols …

Have you ever tried a no-gift holiday season? Could you do it?

tip via GreenLAGirl