Chronicle Books: Summer Sale is on now

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Chronicle Books is having a summer sale. It’s a goodie: 30% off all titles, and free ground shipping on all purchases over $35.

We don’t have much bookshelf real estate to spare at our apartment, but we’re up for recyling out a few to the White Elephant to make way for new ones from the sale.

Just a sampling from the Interior Design and Style section of Chronicle’s site:

  • New Chairs, on sale for $17.37.
  • Tricia Guild’s Think Color, on sale for $28.
  • New Scandanavian Design, on sale for $35.
  • The entire Compact Design series, including Jacobsen, Zeisel, Nelson, Maurer, Prouve, and Sapper, on sale for $9.07 each

    Chronicle also has lots of cute stationary that is part of the sale, along with some great knitting and cook books.

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