Cinema Paradiso

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Once, I owned a digital projector, and it was good. Logan Hill reminded me of this in his roundup of open air cinemas (“How to fall in love with New York, again,”) in the latest issue of New York magazine. (Yes, the one with the scandalously naked woman on the cover, which appears to have been dropped from the web site….) We saw Pulp Fiction for free last year on Pier 54, and there’s nothing quite like watching that syringe scene among the people with the Jersey skyline twinking in the distance. Nothing, that is, except perhaps screening Casablanca on your own roof. This is my dream, and I encourage you to steal it. All you need is a projector and a roof, and perhaps a blanket and a bottle of wine. You’d be amazed how the building across the street serves as a perfectly lovely giant screen…. Good new projectors are expensive, like $2000, but you can buy them used on eBay for less. And they come with all the hookups to play DVDs from your laptop, or tapes from your VCR. Some have speakers. All can be connected to your stereo. Most roofs have an electrical socket somewhere within extension cord reach. Want to fall in love with New York again? Imagine Bergman’s voice drifting down to the street below, interrupted now by Bogart. The flickering light playing on your neighbors’ windows. The quizzical expressions on the upturned faces of a strolling couple below. Perhaps you’ll invite them to join? OHR

(Picture of Rooftop Films in Brooklyn by Kevin Cooley.)