Circuit Board Coffee Table: Great Reuse Of Old Tech

Circuit Board Coffee Table: Great Reuse Of Old Tech

Range Govindan
Jul 22, 2010

All the tech that we've got will have to be reused, recycled or dumped at some point in time. Tech garbage is on the rise, and it's great to see that someone found some creative use out of old tech. This is a unique-looking technological coffee table.

This computer board coffee table is made out of two actual tables. One is used to hold the computer board and one acts as the surface of the table. It was made by Dmaloney. The components that are inside of the table include boards and dives from old computers from the late eighties and early nineties. They were from his first computer, which is even cooler.

He fit together the parts kind of like a puzzle or playing Tetris in real life. The trick is to make it look filled with purpose. The LED light strips on the side of the table really give the table a nice feeling, since it lights up the components.

Dmaloney wired the lights up so they go on automatically when it gets dark. If you like the look, Doug Chase made a computer board bench that is also made out some circuit boards. All in all, it's a good idea to try and recycle or reuse your tech as much as possible before throwing it out. Preferably, you should donate it so that it can be of further use to someone.

[via Make, photos by Dmaloney and Doug Chase]

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