Cisco Valet and Valet Plus Wireless Routers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

• $89-$109
Cisco Store

It was time to finally get our own mom’s house hooked up with wi-fi and the Wireless-N router from Cisco was about as easy of an installation as one could hope, up and running in under 10 minutes right out of the box (we’d also note, Cisco took the time to package the router quite nicely). The sleek design of both the Valet and Valet Plus are partnered with a 1GB USB thumb drive, which practically does everything for you during the installation process once plugged into your computer, making it a good choice for home offices where tech expertise isn’t readily available. These two wireless routers are amongst the better looking wi-fi devices out in the market (the difference between models is range, with the Valet Plus also offering faster wired speeds).