City Opera Thrift Shop

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thrifty. We have a penchant for thrift shops, have our favorites, and recently got told off for not rating City Opera Thrift highly enough.

“Best for price and cool finds” and a “cozy shop,” City Opera is a branch of THE City Opera and sells “a wide range of high quality, very affordable clothing, furniture, and household items.”

Buried between the racks of priced-to-market blouses, one can occassionally find a solid piece, like an easy chair or dining table, at a reasonable price. There’s a slightly precious, compressed feeling to the store, but it is not without class.

City Opera also accepts donations and will pick up large ones free. Taxi fare is reimbursed up to $10 for smaller donations dropped off at the shop.

If you’re out thrifting, City Opera should make the cut. We recommend you start on West 17th Street — Thrift Shop Alley — and hit Housing Works and Angel Street on your way East and uptown…. (Thanks, Bill!) HOP&MGR

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