Cityproof Windows: Fighting Noise, Draft & Dirt

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Adding to our Guide of problem solving services, we are listing Cityproof as a local solution to improving your windows by cutting down on noise, draft or humidity.

Highly recommended by Peter, who wrote a memorable email to us last year on the subject, in which he used the words:

Oh. My. God.

Slience. Library quiet. Peaceful sleep. I slide the panels closed and feel like Charlton Heston in Omega Man, cloistering myself from the barbarians below. My favorite part? I bring guy friends in, show ’em the window, and say: “go ahead. Hit it. As hard as you can.” All you hear is that dull whack of knuckles hittin’ half-inch thick glass.

New York Mag says: The Best of 2004 – “The company can hush just about any type of window without affecting the style of the original panes or their operation.”

AT Readers vote and comment below:

Cityproof can work on both Landmark and Non Landmark buildings, without “replacing or modifying the existing exterior window.” Prices start at @ $500 per window and go up from there depending on the complexity of the window and the thickness of the glass.

(Note: This is an update. First reviewed on 4.09.04)