Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen: Cabinets and Countertops

Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen: Cabinets and Countertops

Apr 4, 2013

Name: Claire & Jeffrey
Type of Project: Kitchen remodel
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Type of building: Single-family bungalow, 950 square feet

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Cabinets went up in a flash as soon as the drywall was cleaned up enough for a level surface. IKEA cabinets are great to work with and super straightforward. I only hammered my thumb, like, twice.

ABSTRAKT IKEA Cabinets installed. The blue is just the protective film we're keeping in place until painting is done.

Word to the wise: follow instructions regarding leveling those base cabinets. We didn't mark the "high point" on the floor before leveling the run of cabinets, so things got a little wacky and had to be taken apart and reinstalled. We've left the protective film on the cabinets until the final reveal.

Jeffrey building countertop molds in the middle of the night.

Countertops are so exiting! We pretty much followed the instructions posted by fellow bloggers over at Imperfectly Polished

The large slab is an "L" shape and requires a bit more structure to hold it together. We used both rebar and chicken wire.

We did find, though, that there were A TON of bubbles that needed patching. TONS and TONS. Like, a bubble galaxy. So despite our best effort and preparation, we were not prepared with the patience required to fill all those bubbles. It's a lot of filling and a lot of sanding. And more filling and sanding. And then more filling and then more sanding.

Men lifting heavy stuff in exchange for beer.

Also, one funny thing happened. We measured the countertop off an inch. But if I don't point it out, you'll never notice it. ;-)  You have to learn to embrace imperfections when you're doing all the work yourself.

Estimated time for project: 4-8 weeks
Time remaining: 1-3 weeks

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(Images and diary text: Claire Moyle)

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