Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen: Drywall is Happening

Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen: Drywall is Happening

Mar 28, 2013

Name: Claire & Jeffrey
Type of Project: Kitchen remodel
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Type of building: Single-family bungalow, 950 square feet

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DRYWALL IS HAPPENING! Finally, some exciting, transformative, visual progress. The space is feeling bright and wide-open. 

View from the opposite side of the room. Jeffrey models his refrigerator cove.

Jeffrey has constructed a floating wall to create a built in look and conceal all but the stainless doors of our $400 existing fridge. FANCY!

What is worse than sanding drywall? Sanding ceiling drywall.

The drywall goes up rather quickly, but the mudding is a time-consuming, allergy-inducing killer. We spent the extra bucks on the joint compound that "reduces dust" with its formula that drops dust straight down rather than staying airborne while sanding. Worth it. We've sealed off every doorway in our best effort to manage the dust, but it still gets everywhere. There's even a thin layer on the shampoo bottles in the bathroom, 3 doors away. Just trying to go with it. *It's temporary,* I keep telling myself. 

Midnight cabinet-constructing pajama party.

We're not done with all the mudding and sanding yet, but we've started installing cabinets because the end of our 90-day window for IKEA returns (rather than store credit) is approaching. Actually, it came and went faster than we anticipated, resulting in a mad 8:50pm sprint through IKEA on a Sunday night. Word to the wise: if IKEA messes up your order, you have 7 days to report it, otherwise it's on you. Do inventory upon delivery. It all worked out, but I'm pretty sick of that place consuming our valuable weekend work hours.

Also, because we're hating mudding and sanding so much, we've decided to move forward with installing subway tiles at this point. We'll tile the backsplash and the entire west wall, floor-to-ceiling. Our budget is screaming. But I keep telling myself it will look awesome. 

We've landed on lighting. After a few bouts of adding and removing items from my cart at Schoolhouse Electric, we decided to splurge on a sconce and dial back on the ceiling lights. We'll install the Ottava lights from IKEA for general light. They're so affordable and look great. I was concerned that they cast a downward light and wouldn't illuminate the ceiling, but the windows face south so light isn't much of an issue. And the under cabinet lighting will cast a lot of light onto the working surfaces. 

We also scored an AMAZING brass chandelier on Craigslist. It is the most absurd shape! I'm in love with it. We'll paint it black, give it some vintage filament tubes, and hang it in the basement landing. Stay tuned for pics.

We cracked open a bottle of cava to celebrate cabinets. Highly recommended.

Estimated time for project: 4-8 weeks
Time remaining: 2-3 weeks

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(Images and diary text: Claire Moyle)

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