10 Things That Say Home to Of a Kind Co-Founder Claire Mazur

published Jan 18, 2019
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(Image credit: Courtesy of Jennifer Young Studio)

Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo started Of A Kind to not only fill up people’s closets and homes with unique finds, but also to bring them the stories behind each piece. That mission-driven passion for curating stylish, surprising products is something connect with at Apartment Therapy. Last year, Cerulo shared with us ten things that say home to her, so, naturally, we had to ask her co-founder and friend Claire Mazur to do the same thing this year.

Ahead, ten things that make the place Mazur shares with her husband and their most recent addition, their son Cameron, feel more like home.

10 Things That Say ‘Home’: The people might be what really makes a house a home, but great stuff can help too. We’re asking some of our favorite people what 10 things make their space feel like their own.

Custom Bench from Erickson Aesthetics

“We worked with the geniuses at Jesse Parris-Lamb on figuring out how to fill our our oh-so-narrow first floor with furniture. My only ask was that there be a place where I could lay down and drink my coffee in the morning. They designed this built-in L-shaped bench with the help of Erickson Aesthetics as a solution to fit a sofa-like situation in the space without crowding it. Guests gravitate towards it immediately.”

(Image credit: Peg and Rail)

Picture Ledges, $40 at Peg and Rail

“Another stroke of genius from the Jesse Parris-Lamb team. My dad is a photographer and my grandmother was an artist, so we’ve got tons of artwork to contend with. Hanging these ledges was the perfect solution to putting a lot on display without it feeling too cluttered. Plus, it’s easy to swap things out when we want a refresh.”

(Image credit: Of a Kind)

Saint Olio Surface Cleaner, $22 at Of a Kind

“Holy cow this stuff smells incredible. I never remember to light scented candles, and I don’t need to because this does the job. And, it’s all-natural, so when the spray accidentally grazes the fruit bowl, you’re not poisoning anyone.”

(Image credit: Bed Bath & Beyond)

Dansk Bistro Christianshavn Dinnerware, $34.99 for a 4-piece set at Bed Bath & Beyond

“These were the everyday dishes we grew up with at my parent’s house. I inherited them when I moved out, which at the time just felt like a convenience, but I’ve since come to appreciate them as a design classic. Best of all, they still make them so I’ve been able to replace chipped and broken ones.”

(Image credit: Of a Kind)

Areaware Large Totem Candle, $20 at Of a Kind

“I love that these don’t require candlesticks and feel a little less fussy and formal as a result. I like to stockpile them and bring them to dinner parties in lieu of a bottle of wine.”

(Image credit: Amazon)

“When we moved into our home none of the bathrooms had towel bars or toilet paper holds, and I couldn’t face picking out and installing the necessary hardware. This line of minimal Japanese home solutions answers so many of my problems, these two included.”

(Image credit: Amazon)

“Our bathroom floors are, as they say, slippery when wet. This stone-like bath mat absorbs an insane amount of water instantly, saving me from lots of near-falls. It’s really almost like a magic trick, you have to see it to believe it.”

(Image credit: Bed Bath & Beyond)

Joy Mangano Mini Steamer, $19.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

“I hate ironing and, besides, there’s not really room in most NYC homes for a proper setup. This eliminates the need for ironing 90% of the time and fits right into a suitcase, too.”

(Image credit: Thing Industries)

Sacrificial Chair, $280 at Thing Industries

“You know how you have that one chair that never gets used because it’s always covered in discarded clothes? This was designed for expressly that purpose.”