Claire's January Cure: My Third Week

Claire's January Cure: My Third Week

Claire Bock
Jan 23, 2013

Despite how clean and tidy this photo looks, my week was not very successful. Just like a few of my fellow Apartment Therapy bloggers, the flu hit me hard for week 3 and definitely put a halt to the swift progress that I was making in my January Cure. Luckily my flu was a quick 3 day illness, so it made the media fast really easy, but I still have an overflowing bookshelf of clutter.

Day 9: Create a Landing Strip.
The landing space in a home is one of my favorite areas to set up, but in my current apartment there isn't really the space for a landing strip. I have a door mat, coat rack, and a great new umbrella stand, which is a necessity for living in London. With a 2'x3' entry, I'm lucky to squeeze in what I can.

Day 10: Work on Your Goal Project.
I had a nice weekday off to focus on finally tackling the office corner of my living room that has been nagging at me for months. While I cleaned up the desk, my papers still need a bit of filing and the office area could use some cord control. Luckily week 4 is around the corner.

Day 11: Try a Media Fast.
The flu hit me this day and so the media fast was not too hard to do.

Day 12: De-clutter Books and Media.
This leaning bookcase is about to topple over! It has become over stuffed with books and media, so after two years it is definitely time for a cleanout and reorganization. Unfortunately this did not get accomplished, as staying in bed with the flu was the only thing that I was up to.

Day 13: Weekend Chores: Flowers and Bedroom Cleaning.
I organized my closet last month to make room for hiding Christmas gifts, so the bedroom wasn't on the top of my list, but everything needed a quick clean out including the nightstands. It also felt refreshing on Sunday after recovering from the flu to tidy up and make everything feel clean and fresh again.

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