Clash or Complement: 4 Unexpected Signs That Moving In Together is a Good Idea

Clash or Complement: 4 Unexpected Signs That Moving In Together is a Good Idea

Jennifer Hunter
Oct 7, 2016

Moving in together is always a gamble, but sometimes, the very things you think make you incompatible, are actually signs that you might be a perfect, complementary match. Don't worry so much about this stuff.

You don't have the same schedule

Having opposite schedules is hard when you're dating because it's difficult to find time to see each other. Once you move in however, having different schedules can be a blessing. You'll still get plenty of couple time (because, you know, the other person lives there) but you'll also get some alone time too which can help ease the transition from living alone to living together.

You fight sometimes

Newsflash: you will have fights when you live together. The important part is how you deal with disagreements and how quickly you can bounce back. A history of fighting (and staying together) is a sign that you are both committed to working out differences which is an essential ingredient to successfully co-habitating.

You like different decor styles

You know what's super boring? One style, all the time in every room. Combining types of looks and mishmashing styles is something we always recommend to get a cool, lived-in and eclectic home. If you're pushed to do that while welcoming a love into your home as well, all the better. You think your way works, but having someone else around to show you new ways to do things around the house or different decor that you might never have considered will help your own taste evolve too.

You disagree on which household tasks are hard

You weirdly love matching up clean socks out of the dryer and he doesn't mind scrubbing the tub (which you just can't understand!). Guess what? This is great news! Not seeing eye-to-eye about which tasks you prefer to do at home, means that you'll be able to split up the stuff that needs doing without argument. Jack Sprat and his wife got along swimmingly and you will too.

What else did you unexpectedly find out were good signs when moving in?

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