Classic Jukebox iPod Dock

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Everyone knows that retro is chic. However, it may seem odd to dock an iPod to a 40s style jukebox, but there are a lot of retro style iPod accessories out there. The Xi Classic Jukebox is inspired by the 1946 Wuritzer style, but does incorporate modern technology to play your music in style.

The Xi Classic Jukebox delivers 150 Watt per channel thanks to its stereo amplifier. It includes a pair of three-way speakers and an LCD screen to display cover art. The jukebox is quite massive and it’s easy to lose sight that it’s an iPod dock. It also has a multi-color LED lighting system, that changes its patter to suit the tunes.

Currently, the Xi Classic Jukebox is only available in the UK for $11000.

[via DVice]