Classic Kitchen Accessories That Will Look Good in Any Home

published Nov 21, 2017
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Whether your kitchen needs a total remodel or you’re just completely sick of looking at yours, there are five classic details you can add — without breaking the bank or breaking down a wall. These simple elements will elevate the elegance of your kitchen, just in time for all of your holiday hosting gigs (everyone knows that guests tend to congregate around the cooking). But they’ll also up your kitchen’s style and make it feel fresh and more welcoming to you, which may make holiday kitchen duties more enjoyable. And of course, (best of all), these easy-to-find (and easy-to-assimilate) accessories look good year round.

Though you certainly can buy any of these elements below new, the best thing about these items is many of them can be found vintage, too.

Rustic wood accessories

You could have the most farmhouse-iest modern farmhouse, or have a sleek, minimal home, and a rustic wood cutting board would look good in both! Rustic wood items — from bread boards to cheese boards to cutting boards, rough-edge shelves and more — evoke nature, and nature goes with everything. And because of their already-neutral colors and tactile textures, rustic wood accessories are simple, affordable AND useful items, so you can add them to any size kitchen for beauty and function.

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Industrial lighting

Updating the lighting in your home or rental can be an easy way to freshen the look without a full remodel. And if you want to pick something with the aesthetic flexibility to go with any iteration your kitchen might evolve into, go with something simple and industrial looking.

From plain hanging bulbs to metal sconces, industrial-style lighting doesn’t have to just be for lofts and farmhouses. Again, this style has the versatility to fit into a lot of different kitchen designs. Classic and yet a little modern, too, they’ll give a kitchen a mini face-lift without a lot of money. And while plenty of new options are available to buy, those with some handy skills can find great deals on vintage fixtures…or even build their own.

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Copper pots and small appliances

Though the opinion about which metallic finish is on trend varies from year to year — brass…gold…silver — there’s one metallic finish that always works: Copper. Because copper pots and other cooking tools have always been prized for their functional value in the kitchen, adding in copper accessories to any kitchen immediately adds a classic, timeless vibe. Splurging on an entire new set of copper pots and pans might not be in your budget (or able to fit in your limited storage), but even just a couple of thrifted copper items sprinkled around a kitchen can elevate its elegance.

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(Image credit: Lauren Kolyn)
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White tiles

If you ARE itching for a bit more remodeling action — but don’t want to tear everything out or choose something too trendy (that will look outdated in a year), consider a simple backsplash update with clean, white tiles. There’s a reason why white tiles have been and continue to be a mainstay in kitchens for years — they are the absolute embodiment of “classic.”

But that doesn’t mean they have to be “boring.” Experimenting with how they’re applied to your kitchen, what surfaces, what patterns and even what color grout can help you find a way to add these chic, classic tiles to your kitchen while maintaining your home’s unique personality.

Already have tiles and not looking for such a huge time investment? Consider giving your tiles and grout a seriously good cleaning.

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