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Clean Out Your Bathroom Cabinet In 5 Easy Steps

updated May 8, 2019
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Cleaning out your bathroom cabinet can sometimes be painful. More often than not, the items that we purchase for our morning routines don’t come at low prices. We buy potions and lotions and cremes that hide our wrinkles and shine our hair and it’s not an easy thing to part with them when the time comes. But how do you know what goes?

Sorting through old or unused items in your bathroom cabinets is as easy as coming to terms with what your family is actually using. There are of course preventative items that should always be on hand for cuts, burns, scrapes and more, but for the most part, that isn’t the clutter that accumulates, bogging down your storage spaces. Check out the tips below to make purging and cleaning as easy as can be!

1. Pull Everything Out: You can’t clean what you haven’t faced. For bathrooms sinks with storage underneath, it’s amazing how many things can fit underneath, so pull them out. Group like items together that might have been separated, put band-aids together, cleaning supplies together, medicine together and so forth. Now you’re ready to go through each group without feeling overwhelmed by everything else.

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2. Use It Or Lose It: So you bought some new hair wax a few months back and although you thought it was great the first few days, it started making you look like “that scene” from Something About Mary. You paid a good amount for it and maybe you’ll need it someday for uhhh… backup wax, so you stashed it under the sink with that old skinny curling iron from the last trend. It’s time to let it go. If you haven’t used a product more than a few times, find a friend who wants it or just send it packing.

3. What’s Today’s Date?: All medications expire and the date is always printed on the packaging, even if you have to hunt for it. If it’s old, toss it. Make a list of the items you need to repurchase so you can add them to your shopping list over the next few months. When you have a pain or your sick, the last thing you want is less of a dosage because the drug has lost potency over time.

4. Make Things Pretty: Although it seems silly to make your medicine cabinet or storage area pretty, you’re more likely to keep things clean and sorted if you enjoy the space. Buy something new or diy something from things you already have, but making a change will help keep you on track.

5. Assess Your Need For More: …. storage that is. If your shelf, cabinet, or chest is too small for the items you’re trying to hold, it will always feel cramped and cluttered. If your space won’t hold additional storage, try finding a place elsewhere in your home to hold things that don’t have to be stored in the bathroom. Try keeping medicine in the kitchen, or even in a plastic tub under your bed. That way, when you reach for the toothpaste, nothing will fall out on you!

Do you have a trick that always helps you clean things out? Share your secret in the comments below!

(image: flickr member Mr. T in DC licensed for use by Creative Commons)