Clean & Simple DIY Papercraft LED Lantern

Clean & Simple DIY Papercraft LED Lantern

Saying that papercraft is neat, is a huge understatement. We've seen papercraft synthesizers and cars and now, a lantern. This clean, simple, and rather lovely, papercraft LED lantern is powered by a 9 volt battery, making it great supplemental lighting for a holiday party.

Inspired by the work of Yoshinobu Miyamoto, an architect and skilled papercraft artist from Japan, Instructables user Jeff decided to create an LED lantern based on Miyamoto's "Tri-Star Fruit," pictured above.

The lantern utilizes surface mount LEDs for illumination, and flexible self-adhesive copper foil as conductors. A single 9V battery provides power, for an estimated run time of about 40 hours. Some of the supplies that are required include, three sheets of 8.5 x 11" card stock, glue, copper foil tape, and 3 LEDs (Digikey p/n 475-2542-1-ND). Some of the tools that you will need include, a computer, printer, soldering iron, and scissors.

We think Jeff did a great job of creating a lantern based on the work of an artist that he admires. We're also glad that he has provided clear and easy to follow directions so that we can make our own papercraft LED lanterns. Since it is made out of paper, it's easy to alter the look to customize the lantern and with 40 hours of run time, they make a great supplemental party lighting.

Check out the post on Instructables, for the complete instructions.

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(Image: Instructables User Jeff licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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