Cleaning House While the Other Is Away

Cleaning House While the Other Is Away

Gregory Han
May 11, 2009

This morning I dropped off Emily at the airport so she could begin her sojourn across the Atlantic back to merry ole London, a city she once passionetly called home years ago to visit family and to later explore the stunning coast of Cornwall for two weeks. That means for a few days before I myself head out to New York and ICFF, I'll be living la vida loca in solo mode. What this also means is I get very, very serious about cleaning and organizing our place; it's a habit of mine to tackle household chores or home improvement projects with rabid zeal while Emily is away. When she's here, I'd rather just hangout, enjoy her company and push aside chores, but when she's away, stairs get painted, closets get rearranged, dust bunnies are exterminated with extreme prejudice and I go into serious Mr. Belvedere mode...

It's not that we don't keep a generally clean home while living together. It's more an issue of finding myself with a lot more additional free time to approach cleaning in the over-the-top methodical fashion that leaves the apartment showroom pristine. I've been known to toothbrush behind the toilet, you know, just in case a visitor gets too curious and sneaks a peek behind the porcelain throne. And I've got a multi-step hardwood floor cleaning process that requires that nobody but myself is around to move furniture out of the way and transforms the floors into a glowing orange-brown surface you could eat off of.

But this week's project is going to be a bit more moderate in challenge and modest in size. I'd like to steam wash the home office task chair and hand wash all the office FLOR carpet tiles back to a colour that resembles the original hue they once exhibited. My home office is in dire need of being pulled apart and put all back together again (and hopefully one day redecorated when budget allows). Time to put iTunes on shuffle and get the music blasting for a couple evenings of Extreme Cleaning: Crazy Boyfriend Edition™!

How about you out there? Do you find yourself tackling cleaning and home improvement projects when your partner/spouse is away? What's the biggest or most memorable project you've tackled when the Mr., Mrs. or whatever you like to call yourselves is away?

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