How-to: Interim-clean the bathroom

How-to: Interim-clean the bathroom

Mar 6, 2007

Among our quirky habits is the way we clean the shower: right before taking one, stark naked.

But it only seems strange until you try it. Then you realize the benefits: you're better-situated to get at hard-to-reach spots than you'd be if you were standing outside the tub, you don't have to worry about keeping your clothes dry, and it's no matter if you break a sweat or get dirty, beacuse you clean up right away.

But nekkid shower cleaning is not what this post is really about.

It's about an intermin bathroom cleaning strategy advocated by "How to Clean Anything," a website filled with ideas for home godliness.

Their little how-to on bathroom cleanliness left us a little awe-struck by its meticulousness. Suffice it to say that it involves a cleaning towel carefully-folded to yield eight cleaning surfaces, each designated for a different spot in the bathroom, and that there is an order in which you should attack your bathroom's surfaces.

Using one of your towels folded into quarters, polish the mirror after a quick spray of window cleaner. Give the chrome, sink and counter a quick spray, flip the towel to a clean dry side, and wipe it down, then flip the towel again, and polish to a brilliant shine. Flip your towel to another dry clean side and spray the toilet seat and rim. Wipe and polish dry the seat, under the seat and rim. Flip the towel to another clean dry surface and you can use the spray and towel to spot clean the floor.

Read more here, and feel free to skip past the Maxim magazine tip.

Image: Rossy Boy.

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