Cleaning Time Savers

Cleaning Time Savers

Marcia Prentice
May 6, 2010

Most of us hate to clean, but love a tidy home. We are always looking for ways to clean the house as fast as possible, so we can move on to more fun activities. Over the years, we have developed our own cleaning routine that allows us to save time.

Cleaning Time Savers:

  • Multi-task: It feels good to complete two tasks simultaneously. Some household chores require waiting, so while you wait you can spend the time completing another task. For example, while the laundry is washing or drying, the house can be vacuumed.
  • Take Laundry Out as it Dries: Within a load of laundry, some of the clothes dry faster than others. Therefore to save time, start removing the dry clothes while the other clothes are still drying. By the time all the clothes are dry, almost all the laundry will be folded. Taking out the clothes while they are still warm results in a lesser chance of them needing to be ironed.
  • Wash Dishes as you Cook: The kitchen can get disorganized and messy pretty fast when cooking. We enjoy having a clean kitchen when the meal is ready to be served. When dinner is cooking, if you spend the extra 10 minutes cleaning up the kitchen and washing the dishes, you wouldn't have to worry about who will clean the kitchen after dinner.
  • Room By Room: Start in one end of the house and clean each room throughly before moving on to the next room. It helps to stay focused and we enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as we finish a room.
  • Clean Throughout the Week: It is never a good idea to let laundry to household chores stack up. Cleaning becomes manageable and maintenance when a little is done each day.
  • Clean Food Stains Immediately: It is much easier to wipe up food stains in the kitchen and microwave before they dry.
  • Checklist: Create a checklist of the cleaning tasks and stick to the list. If you want to take it a step further, set a time for the tasks to be completed. It helps you stay on track and focused.

What are your cleaning time savers?

(Images: Flickr member Ivan Cabrera via Creative Commons, Flickr member Zieak via Creative Commons)

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