Cleaning Geekout: Life Changing Bucket

Cleaning Geekout: Life Changing Bucket

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 26, 2012

For the last 18 months I have been using a mop and bucket to clean my floors, which are rather expansive. The slick walk back and forth to the sink just doesn't cut it. As I've gone along, I've realized the key isn't in what mop you use, it's all about the bucket!

The Eclipse Bucket from Casabella has been a life changer. Seriously. Yes, I know it's lame that a bucket is worth writing about, but folks, the old saying about using the right tool for the job is so true.

This bucket (check out the image above) has ridges in the bottom. Instead of dipping your mop back into water with floaties (technical term) into it, the crud and dirt sinks to the bottom and falls between the grooves. Although you might have dingy water, it isn't near as dirty as a traditional bucket would leave you with.

Now, a single bucket does my whole floor and with the sturdy grip on back and spout up front, it doesn't even slosh in the sink. Can you tell I'm excited? I've officially geeked out over a bucket (there could be a self help book for such things), but it's important. Did I mention it's made from recycled plastic? Even better. Keep your eye out for them in stores near you or you can pick them up online for $12.99 at the Container Store.

(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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