Cleaning Tip: Stay On Top of It

Cleaning Tip: Stay On Top of It

Laure Joliet
Sep 17, 2008

We're still staying with family and have now seen how they keep the floor clean. At first we were shocked (and mildly appalled) and then we realized that there was something to their method:

The kitchen floor is encaustic tile and gorgeous when it's clean so what do they do? They mop it at least once a day, if not twice (morning and night). As we mentioned, at first we were completely appalled at that level of cleanliness (we're the once a week or once a month type) but then we saw that because they do it so often, it takes almost no effort and a space that's 200 square feet takes only a minute or two to pass the mop over. And then the floor is always gleaming. We wouldn't want to do this on wood, but on a tile floor in a kitchen or bath (a place that gets a lot of foot traffic) it's starting to make sense.

The other part of being able to do this somewhat effortlessly is that the mop is always handy. There's no digging in a closet to find it. It's right inside a closet in the kitchen and they use a soap that doesn't need rinsing.

Staying on top of the floor with the habit of cleaning it daily (this could be applied to sweeping which is something we do every other day or so) is similar to flylady's method where the idea is to stay ahead of the buildup. So would you be willing to mop so often? Do you already?

[Image from Living Etc.]

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