The Secret Weapon in Your Beauty Bag: 6 Things to Clean With Nail Polish Remover

published Nov 6, 2016
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If you’ve ever had to spend 45 minutes scrubbing glitter polish from your fingernails, you know how powerful nail polish remover can be. Nail polish remover traditionally contains acetone (though you can buy non-acetone polish remover that’s a lot less harsh) and that acetone can actually be helpful when it comes to cleaning up around your house. From permanent marker accidents to laminate stains, the nail polish remover in your bathroom cabinet can come in super handy—and not in the chipped manicure sort of way.

Take Out Permanent Marker Stains

According to WikiHow, you can use nail polish remover to get rid of permanent marker stains on both hard, non-porous surfaces (scrub the stain with a clean cloth) and certain types of furniture (pour a little bit on a clean, dry towel and dab at the stain without letting it soak the material.)

Clear Stains from Laminate

To deal with stains on plastic laminate floors or countertops, apply a small amount to a soft rag or a cotton ball, and gently rub off any marks and stains—just be sure to spot test in an inconspicuous place to make sure it doesn’t do more damage than good, Family Handyman explains.

Handle Spilled Paint

If you spill acrylic paint on your carpet, WikiHow suggests using paper towels to blot off excess paint, then glycerin to blot the stain away as best as you can. Nail polish remover can help you get rid of any residue from there.

Separate Sticky Super Glue

If you’ve ever done a project with Super Glue, you know how easily you can get it stuck where you don’t want it—or even accidentally get things stuck to you. To remove it, The Super Glue Corp. advises customers to use nail polish remover or acetone to dissolve the bond. If you have to use it on your skin, be sure to wash it off with soap and water afterwards (and moisturize, because it’s super drying!)

Save your Shoes from Scuffs

Got scuffs on your favorite shoes? According to Bustle, you can take on patent leather or tennis shoes with a little nail polish remover on a cotton ball—be sure to apply petroleum jelly or baby powder to the area afterwards, since the acetone in nail polish remover can be harsh.

Clean your Computer Keyboard

According to Reader’s Digest, you can clear off any gunk and dirt from your computer keyboard with a little bit of nail polish remover and some help from an old toothbrush—just dampen the toothbrush with the nail polish remover, and scrub your keys.