Best Products: CleanVia

Best Products: CleanVia

Jonathan B.
Jul 17, 2007

CleanVia CV-1000 has been a well-kept secret in Portland, Oregon for too long.

CleanVia is an all-natural, vegetable based cleaner that started life as a food-safe industrial cleaner. We use it all over the home and got so enthusiastic about it that we gave it for holiday gifts one year, which, in retrospect, carried perhaps not quite the right message.

Nonetheless, anyone who uses it becomes a convert: finally, a green cleaner that actually cleans! The key to success is getting the dilution right... tips and applications after the jump.

If you've used this product, we want to know if you love it as much as we do.

And it's not just us... apparently, someone at Google loves CleanVia, too:

CleanVia is made from vegetable oil and is food safe. In fact, a drop in a sinkful of water will help to cleanse pesticide residue off produce; a quick spritz gets that wax off those not-so-organic but oh-so-beautiful apples we all fall victim to buying every now and then. We've also seen CleanVia used behind the butcher counter at New Seasons, a local grocery store, in Portland. If it works there, chances are it will work in your home.

• Mix very weak -- less than a capful in a 32 oz spray bottle -- and replace Windex or other glass cleaners.
• Mix weak -- a capful or two in the spray bottle -- and replace Fantastik or Formula 409.
• A little stronger works well on bathroom fixtures and greasy stovetops.
• Full strength dissolves the gunk inside the range hood.

Cost is around $20 for one gallon of concentrate, which seems downright cheap when you realize that it makes over 500 bottles of all-purpose cleaner. Available for purchase in store at Environmental Building Supplies in Portland, Ore., or buy online at

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