Here’s One Way to Tackle The Dreaded Bedroom Clothes Chair

published Sep 29, 2018
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(Image credit: Zhihao Guo)

If you’re running short on closet space or lack the motivation required to hang up your clothing (no judgment here), designer Zhihao Guo created a transparent vinyl chair case with your space and energy-challenged existences in mind.

(Image credit: Zhihao Guo)

Serving as the latest piece of evidence that inflatable furniture is trying its darnedest to get back on our collective aesthetic radar again, Guo’s whimsical yet multi-functional seating option clearly pushes the limits of chair design.

Dubbed “I’ll try anything once, maybe twice,” both the name of the chair case and its contents can be changed to suit the owner’s needs. Guo’s project uses clear vinyl, thread and buttons to make the covering. It also serves as a creative storage option or can even be used as a sculpture that will undoubtedly make a huge statement regardless of the contents it holds.

(Image credit: Zhihao Guo)

“Nobody would care about what’s inside a stuffed couch or toy. Neither would I if I was not making it,” Guo writes.

Instead, Guo explains that his hope is to bring attention to the issues surrounding consumer culture.

(Image credit: Zhihao Guo)

“Creating this clear chair case is an attempt to make what’s truly inside that makes up the essential part visible, and thus, by building the chair ‘I’ll try anything once, maybe twice,’ to raise our awareness of the problematic consumer culture represented by fashion industry at the moment,” Guo says. “This chair case was considered as a commercial product with practical use while being created. Users don’t necessarily need to do what I do with it. But building the chair and how they build it, instead of a chair stuffed with emptiness, become the whole point of this work.”