Clearing The Clutter & Taming Your Outer Packrat

Clearing The Clutter & Taming Your Outer Packrat

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 28, 2008

It's easy to say, "Clear your spaces, get rid of your things and clear your clutter." it's another thing to actually do it. We are practicing what we preach here at At:Chicago and while packing to move, we are attempting to thin down our clutter... we mean our stuff... we mean our things... we mean our... ability to click through the jump to see a few simple rules we use when trying to detach ourselves from tangible things.

This set of 4 bird prints have hung together as a set for several years now. It's not that we don't love them, but we might enjoy the change of something new.

As we mentioned earlier... we're moving. And in an attempt to make the move as painless as possible we are getting down and dirty with our packrat habits.
So check out the 6 tips we have when it comes to deciding if it should be packed... be trashed... or be donated?

While we love all of these pieces, we feel they will be too small of scale for our new place. In our current mid century abode they fit right in, but in a room with high, high ceilings, we think they might get a little lost.

Sarahrae's Household Clutter Elimination Rules:
1 - Do I like it?
Do I love it?
Do we use it?
How often?
Does it hold real sentimental value?
Can I replace it easier than I can pack, relocate and store it?
Would I like something else instead?

We boxed up our collection of old pharmaceuticals and vintage game pieces, most of which came from grandparents. None of them remind us of a pastime with our Grandparents, so we think it's time to let them go to a new home.

It's not an easy process to objectively look at the things in your home. Most of "our stuff and things" had hard earned money spent on them or were a good idea at one point in time. Being able to sit down and go through each of the rules really puts your goals, perspective and peace of mind front and center in your thinking.

We started this project last fall when the pine cones all fell. A year later we still haven't finished things up, so even though we like the look, they too will find a new place to live (like the upcoming garage sale).

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