9 Clever Hacks Hidden in IKEA’s 2021 Catalog

published Oct 20, 2020
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Kitchen with black IKEA cabinets
Credit: IKEA

It’s here! It’s here! The much-anticipated IKEA 2021 catalog is finally hitting the internet, and not a second too soon. This year’s catalog, like those of years past, is full of fab new products, great design, and—of course, of course—smart IKEA hacks. After all, who better to hack IKEA than IKEA?

These nine hacks are genius in the way they save space, money, or time (or sometimes all three). All are ultra-achievable, too. Read on for the IKEA-approved hacks that dominate this year’s catalog, and get inspiration to hack your way through 2021.

Credit: Ikea

Oversized artwork-meets-headboard

Tall headboards lend lots of drama to a space—but for a lower-commitment version, try this easy art hack. This art was made with fabric stretched over wood frames, which you can create by screwing 1x2s together in a square or rectangle shape. Once your fabric is in place, staple it from the back.

IKEA shows this hack with black-and-white SKUGGBRÄCKA fabric as well as a warm brown AINA fabric. Both are under $10 per yard, which means you can pull of this hack for less than $30 total.

Credit: Ikea

Small-space-friendly desk

A desk hidden in a closet is a smart space-saving solution, but what do you do if you don’t have a closet? IKEA’s solution: Use a wardrobe to house a small workspace (here, the teeny MICKE desk and equally teeny NILSERIK stool) that can be put away when it’s not in use. This not only helps save space, but also helps you literally shut the door on your workday once it’s done.

Credit: Ikea

Statement-making book storage

You don’t have to create a huge built-in bookshelf to turn your tomes into art. Here, they’re stacked high on four small shelves installed one above the other. They were made by cutting the TRANHULT shelf down to size and mounting the pieces on SIBBHULT brackets.

While the shelving stayed natural wood and the brackets stayed white, this would look great with a dramatic paint job, too. For the brackets, make sure to choose a spray paint made for plastic to get the best adhesion.

Credit: IKEA

Bed frame room divider

This IKEA hack is as simple as they come: To create a sense of privacy in the bed area of this studio, the MALM bed was flipped so that its tall headboard became the footboard. The smart switch helps add the sense of walls where there are none, no extra furniture required.

Credit: Ikea

Super slim nightstand

Here’s another bedroom space-saver. This ultra-slim nightstand—the perfect size for an alarm clock and a book (or 20)—was made by installing the SVENSHULT shelf on its side.

Credit: IKEA

Organized entryway

Rails outfitted with s-hooks are usually found in the kitchen, but here, they help make quick work of organizing an entry. You could install a lower rail, too, for kids to hang their own hats, jackets, and bags.

Credit: Ikea

Hidden bedroom storage

This hack is a great option for anyone with a narrow bedroom. Rather than adding nightstands on either side, shelves mounted behind the bed make room for books, electronics, and more within arm’s reach.

Credit: Ikea

Wall-mount desk space

A desk doesn’t have to be a desk. Here, a shallow EKBY ALEX wall-mount shelf with drawers becomes an effective workspace when hung at table height and topped with a task light and two shelves for books.

Credit: IKEA

Extra kitchen storage

Smart: adding a rolling cart to increase your kitchen storage. Genius: making it the same color as your cabinets to give the illusion that it’s all one piece.