Close-Up: PocketStudio's Paper Design Home Office

Close-Up: PocketStudio's Paper Design Home Office

Sonia Zjawinski
May 29, 2009

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PocketStudio is a small design firm that makes adorable paper goods from a one-bedroom Twickenham (a leafy suburb of West London, on the river Thames) home. Sarah works out of the Victorian flat she shares with her BF Jon. "It's the first time we've had our own walls and have loved decorating since moving in a year ago, although there's still lots to do. Jon's also become a dab hand at DIY! We've tried to make use of the space, which is why our 'studio' is under the stairs of the flat above us (once a spider-filled junk cupboard that we knocked out). Our previous flat was even smaller than this one, which is where our name came from (we're pocket sized). It works just fine for us (we're not very tall)."

Sarah was kind enough to share some photos of their fabulous space...

  • "We share the two computers. Although we love our main desk space where everything is organized and to hand, it does tend to get a bit dark in that hallway."
  • "In order to get some daylight, I tend to work on the laptop in the front room but the TV stays off! In the evening the laptop tends to be used more for watching Mad Men than designing." A giant Epson printer next to the table prints out PocketStudio's Etsy products and cards.
  • They also have an Adana letterpress and screen printing equipment in the kitchen.
  • "I'm a real hoarder, a bit sentimental and have always had a bit of a fascination with the random objects people keep but promptly forget about in drawers and boxes (I once produced a magazine on the subject..). A lot of the items I have are quite old as I've always kept little things, like the tiny pair of scissors I found on the pavement on the way to school. We always try and find a flea market on holiday so a lot of our stuff we've collected are sort of souvenirs from various places in Europe. I also like to find the tiniest shell I can when I go on holiday so there is a space dedicated to them too! I definitely think we might run out of space if they were big things - I just like the way they are each a little token different memories."

(Images: Sarah Box)

Thanks PocketStudio!

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