Queensland’s Climate Smart Home Service

Living on a large island we take water and energy pretty seriously down here. I like to think of our Climate Smart Home Service as a green checkup. Here’s a 5 point green home inspection:

The Queensland Government’s EzyGreen and Climate Smart websites take care of most of the leg work and for $50AU the checkup includes:

1. Up to 15 low energy bulbs supplied and installed to replace old incandescent light bulbs.
2. An assessment of household power use and installation of a wireless power monitor.
3. Supply and installation of a water and energy efficient shower head if your old shower head just doesn’t cut it.
4. At Ezygreen you can sign up for a portion of your electricity to be generated by renewable sources. and finally
5. You can sign up for a limited standby energy saving power boards to replace an old power board.

If you don’t live in Queensland you can conduct your own green home check up by:

1. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFL or other low energy bulbs.
2. Purchasing a power monitor.
3. Installing your own energy efficient shower head.
4. Checking if your electric supplier offers renewable energy sources.
5. Replacing some of your old power boards with energy saving power boards or switching electrical items off standby when they aren’t in use.

(image source: as linked above)