How Do You Clock In? Digital vs Analog

How Do You Clock In? Digital vs Analog

Anthony Nguyen
May 2, 2012

I enjoy a mix of both digital and analog clocks around my apartment, but there are others of the opinion that time-telling plays a big part in how a home feels. In this day and age, is there such a thing as a purely analog or digital space? And if so, can the type of clocks you have play a role in defining it?

Perhaps the reason I don't mind a mix of digital and analog devices is because my apartment falls into the realm of what some may call "tech-hodgepodge" (hey, I like it that way, okay?). I feel that an all-or-nothing schema is a little bit of overkill. Time is time, is it not?

Then again, after spending some time hanging out in my friend's 'ultra-contemporary' home in Lower Highlands in Denver, it may make sense to go all-digital to keep things consistent with the clean lines and general feeling of thoughtful future eco-friendliness.

Leff Group One45 Wall Clocks ($120-$150) feature analog-styled numbers in their clock collection.

The Jonas Damon Numbers Clock ($100) features a digital LED displayed on separate acrylic blocks.

Aesthetic preferences aside, do you find it important to keep a consistent look throughout the home when it comes to time-telling?

(Images: Cool Hunting, Diana's Skylit Studio, Gregory Han)

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