Close-Up: Miper's High End Touch of Classy

Close-Up: Miper's High End Touch of Classy

Anthony Nguyen
May 13, 2009
Ah, man pads. How we love them despite their sheer impracticality. Everything including the high end B&W speakers, turntables, and drool-worthy Hi-Fi equipment keeps us all scratching our heads on how one man can afford such luxuries. Mipers, "All I have is a dog, so..." Yeah, we get the idea. So with all space saving ideals aside, come join us in admiring a modern-contemporary retreat any man (or woman!) could rest easy in...

Sacrificing his dining room and knocking down some walls, he creates a dual-living room; one dedicated to a home theater for movies and TV, the other for nothing but his top-notch audio gear.

On his audio room walls, he displays original oil paintings of Frank Zappa and Bob Dylan, both whom oversee his collection of B&W 802D speakers, Classé amps, and PROJECT turntables.

A bunch of wall-mounted custom bookshelves are the main attraction on the side walls, filled with cassette tapes, DVDs, and vinyl records.

In the other room, he has a Denon receiver connected to a HTPC (home theater PC) that's connected to the 5.1 B&W speaker system with wires nicely hidden within the walls. We really dig the charcoal painted middle pillar, which act as the center point of the house (and righteously so), but it is the attention to detail with every technological aspect of the home that really gives it a personality of its own.

So yes, it's obvious he's a media lover. And yes, it's probably the least child-friendly (heck, maybe even wife-friendly) place we can think of. That said, we can't imagine a better place to kick back after a long hard day doing what we do and enjoying some nice Zappa on vinyl...

(Images: Miper)

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