Here’s What Cher Horowitz’s Closet Would Look Like in 2018

updated May 3, 2019
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Where were you when you realized you needed Cher Horowitz’s closet? Hello, any 90s teen remotely interested in fashion took one look at that big, beautiful, souped up storage system and thought, “I’m totally getting one so I’m never ensemble-y challenged again.” Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and all things Clueless feel so rooted in the 1990s—from the clothes to the interiors to the whatevers—it’s hard to imagine what that world would look like in 2018, right? As if.

The team over at e-design company Modsy weren’t afraid of a little challenge and decided to give Cher’s iconic closet a modern day makeover. Turn up Coolio’s “Rollin With the Homies,” and pull up your knee socks, because it’s time to get a little Clueless.

(Image credit: Modsy)

Cher was ahead of her time back in 1995 (remember, it was Cher Horowitz who said “May I please remind you that it does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty!“), and there’s no reason to think she wouldn’t be as much of a trendsetter today. She already had her closet hooked up to a computer program that let her virtually try on outfits before getting dressed, and she’d most definitely upgrade her technology. Modsy ditches the bulky computer monitor (a rite of passage) for a sleek iPad embedded in the wall.

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The zebra chairs are also removed and replaced with a chic velvet bench in a daring shade of green. The mirrors are updated, but still have a vintage-y feel to them. They also gave Cher some very on-trend patterned wallpaper. Cher would most definitely include some more high-end designer pieces with these mainstream brands, but the room still feels all glammed up thanks to bold accents and a mix of rich textures.

(Image credit: Modsy)

To make sure the room still felt true to Cher, Modsy included some Clueless easter eggs. Obviously, the best one is the headshot of Josh (Paul Rudd), a total Baldwin then and now, but can you spot them all? And what do you think of this modern update—are you totally buggin’ or does it deserve some snaps?