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Cluttered Bathroom? You Really Only Need These 9 Things

updated Jul 17, 2020
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Is your bathroom feeling a bit…overwhelmed with stuff? It may be that you’ve filled it with things that you thought you needed. We all have ideas of the sort items a bathroom should have. But we think you only really need these ten things. So peruse this list and see if you can streamline your space today. Or use this list as inspiration to make your own list to cut down on the clutter in your own customized way.

Good lighting

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Considering this is the place you get ready in every morning, it’s pretty vital you’ve got lighting that helps you see yourself in your best light. And it’s even more vital if you don’t have a window.

Durable bathmat

Stepping out of a warm bath or shower onto a cold bathroom floor isn’t just unpleasant, it’s dangerous. So make sure all the important floor surface spots are covered with a durable bathmat that will feel great underfoot and function well.

  • The Wide World of Bath Mats

Hand soap

Preferably the kind that aligns with your values (perhaps even one you make yourself) and one that smells great so it’s pleasant for you to use daily but also a nice treat for guests, too.

Storage or display for the products you use daily

If you have a small bathroom, chances are you have a small home, too. So the suggestion to only keep the products you use on a daily basis in your bathroom (while storing less-frequently used items somewhere else) might seem a little crazy. But only keeping the stuff you use every day in your small bathroom can help keep the clutter down. Items like your towel and your toilet paper should be pretty prominent and easy-to-get-to, as well as the few products you use for your hair and makeup. The mud mask you use once a month? That might not need to be in there all the time.

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A shower curtain (preferably that expands the look of the space)

What we mean is, if you’re already in a tiny, cluttered bathroom, though a boldly patterned and darkly colored shower curtain could be fun, it could also make the space feel even smaller and closed off. As could a busy pattern or design. Clear or light-colored (or slightly see-through so light gets through) shower curtains as well as ones with more simplified designs can help cut down on the feeling of busy-ness in the space.

(Image credit: Misha & Nick’s First Passive House in Texas)

A surface cleaner

Keeping a reliable surface cleaner in the bathroom is a great way to keep your bathroom cleaner, easier. Having it handy will make you more apt to use it often, and regular cleaning will make your more deep-cleans go faster.


Take advice from Dabney and don’t embarrass the people who use your bathroom. Make sure you’ve got a trashcan for them to use when they need it.

A plunger/toilet brush

Same principle as above.

A hand towel that makes you smile

In a room of limited space, a good hand towel, one made of soft materials or a great design, is a simple but effective way to add your stamp of personality to a space and make the place feel like a comforting spot in the home to use.

What would be on your list of the only things you really need in a bathroom to help keep the clutter down?