How To Clear a Cluttered, Crowded Clothes Closet

How To Clear a Cluttered, Crowded Clothes Closet

Janel Laban
Mar 3, 2015
(Image credit: Arthur Garcia-Clemente)
(Image credit: Janel Laban)

During the month of March, we're gathering some of our best problem solvers together into master "Home Remedies" posts to help you make your home healthier, solving one problem at a time. Today, the first aid kit is for cluttery, crowded clothes closets. Are you ready to cure this fashion-induced fever? The first step to a full recovery is to get inspired to get it done, so dive in...

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It’s time to put some waders on, dive in, and clean out your closet. I know it’s not high up there on your list of fun times, but it’s a necessary evil that must be done.

→How To Deep Clean Your Closet

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Take charge of your closet destiny and free up massive real estate by clearing out what you no longer need/want/fits you. What's left will be an edited, organized collection of pieces you love to wear. Need help? We've collected some of our smartest reader tips to inspire you to make a commitment to closet happiness.

→Closet Cleanout: Our Best Reader Tips

Feeling weighed down by your many winter indulgences? It's out with the overstuffed and bloated and in with the sleek and streamlined. Put your closet on a diet. We'll show you how.

→The 7 Questions You Need to Answer Right Now for a Closet Cleanout

We channeled our organizing obsession into something helpful: a list of ways to organize your bedroom closet. Pick and choose from the ideas below...

→20 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom Closet

When you're short on space, shoes and bags are some of the hardest items to give a proper home. It seems like they're always hanging around in the wrong rooms, getting crushed together in a too-small bin, getting tangled together on a top shelf, or gathering dust at the back of a closet. Here are some lovely and clever ways to put those shoes and bags in their proper place.

→Beautifully Organized: Shoe & Bag Storage

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Living somewhere with such distinct seasons has its pluses and minuses. On the plus side, we have a great excuse to change up our wardrobe a few times a year. On the downside, we need more storage for all the off-season clothes when we're not using them. This is where you can get creative depending on your style, budget and space.

→ 10 Solutions for Storing Off-Season Clothes

And finally, to keep things well organized once you get things in shape, check out Amelia Meena's Five Top Tips for a More Organized Closet.

(Image credit: Janel Laban)

Join us throughout March for more Home Remedies. Coming Up:

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