Coathooks In The Can

Coathooks In The Can

Abby Stone
May 25, 2011

When Brian and Leanne moved from Los Angeles to Vermont, the miscellaneous accessories that come with colder weather — gloves, hats, scarves — soon found their entryway overflowing and chaotic. They needed to rethink their coathook situation — and FAST.

Originally, Brian and Leanne hoped to use old mailboxes to corral these items but the narrowness of their entryway made it clear to them that this idea, though charming, would not be practical. Then Brian came across unused one gallon paint cans in their local hardware store and a light bulb went off!

Less than a foot deep, they're the perfect size for what Brian and Leanne had in mind. Scarves, gloves, mittens and hats can be tucked inside; umbrellas and leashes can be hung on the wire handle; scarves, coats and jackets can be draped over them.

Unused paint cans are easy to find. We've seen them at our local hardware stores, at The Container Store and at Home Depot. Brian chose the one gallon size but you can chose a smaller size depending on your needs. Hang them on the wall using a single nail through the center of the bottom of the can.

Leave the cans "as is" or decorate them with paint or wallpaper in a color to match or contrast with your entryway's walls. Hang them in a row, diagonally or randomly. Mix up the one gallon size and the pint size. Space them out or crowd them together.

This is not an idea that's limited to cold weather either! Here in Los Angeles I've got plenty of stuff -- sunglasses, lipbalm, keys, mail, parking garage cards and change -- that could easily find its way into these cubby coathook cans.

For more on this idea, check out Brian and Leanne's blog: Smokeshire Road

Images: Leanne and Brian Jewett

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