This Cozy Cocoon Chair Is Perfect For Reading

published Jun 3, 2018
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Reading is the perfect way to destress at the end of a long, hard day. You can escape into the world of a good book and lose yourself for a little while. When you read, you put yourself into the story and get to live a different life. It is hard to really immerse yourself in a story if you’re uncomfortable while reading, How many times do you have to position yourself and then reposition yourself when reading? Your neck can start to hurt after a while or your leg keeps falling asleep.

Now, you don’t need to worry about that anymore! There a new chair that is perfect for reading. Everyone deserves a special place to read their favorite book! What better place to do that than in a reading cocoon?

Kevin Hviid and Martin Kechayas worked together to design Cocoon, a ’60s modern lounge chair that is the perfect blend of public and private. The chair can work in any living space in your home, yet still allows for you to seclude yourself when you want to read a book.

The designs wrote about Cocoon:

Cocoon lounge is a lounge chair that blurs the boundary between furniture and architecture. It is inspired by the organic modernism of the 60’s, where soft and sculptural shapes melt together. The design is the result of a fusion between the beauty in rattan fabric and a curvy, unified wood silhouette, creating together a harmonious and inviting feel. Recalling the classic egg-shaped hanging chair, Cocoon Lounge is the perfect nook to cozy up in.

The chair comes in a few color combinations, like a neutral beige, beige and white, and blood orange and navy. The different colors let this chair work in a boho-chic setting, as well as a modern living space. You can find a way to make it work anywhere!

Would you get this chair for your living room?