Cody's Market Sign Playroom & Stars & Bricks Bedroom

Cody's Market Sign Playroom & Stars & Bricks Bedroom

Sarah Rae Smith
May 26, 2011


Name: Cody Williams
Age: 11
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Room Size: 10' x 12'

A few weeks ago Apartment Therapy visited the home of Donna Williams. Her home is full of handmade creations along with salvaged and thrift store finds. Her son Cody's rooms are no different. His playroom and bedroom have a vintage feel and are full of modern space saving ideas and inspiration.



Donna is the diy maven of Funky Junk Interiors. Her amazing ability to repurpose all sorts of items into home decor and storage solutions are at work in both of these spaces. They serve as inspiration for any size space as she's used these 10'x12' rooms to their fullest potential.

Cody's playroom and bedroom boast floor-to-ceiling toy storage, a giant vintage sign as a headboard and as well as a space to do homework. The goal in designing these spaces was to give Cody room to do what he wanted, no matter if it was play or study. Donna's design gives everything a proper place which maximizes the functionality.


What was your inspiration for these rooms?
The playroom was created as a means to store toys, so the floor to ceiling storage became the main component to work around. I left the piece in it's original woodsy finish for an informal casual feel. For the bedroom however, my son was going through a super hero stage, so I decided to paint the room in such a way that he could change out posters at free will. The brick inspiration came from a Hulk poster, which ended up circling the room. The dusky sky above created the perfect backdrop for lively posters to come, as well as long after they left.

What is your favorite element in these rooms?
Oh, definately the old sign! It happened to be all the right colours for what was going on in the room prior, so it was meant to be. It creates art and theme in such a unique way. For the bedroom, I personally love the lit up stars. Coolest things ever, literally. They don't get hot and cast an amazing night light kind of glow.

What was your biggest challenge?
Two things. #1 - hanging that heavy sign by myself. #2 - I stressed over the right red for the feature wall. Reds can be such a hit and miss game. However it's the first red I picked.. it reminded me of a deep red crayon. I didn't think I chose well while it was wet, but once cured, it turned into the most amazing tone ever.

The bedroom I was left trying to figure out how to make the furniture work with the deeper toned room. It started as just black, but soon realizing the room didn't have enough contrast, I two-toned the furniture and added white, which was the perfect answer.

What do your friends say about these rooms?
When moms or kids first walk into the playroom, their first reaction is always a floor to ceiling long slow stare with their jaws open. Moms love the orgainzation and kids love the toys. And I always enjoy the double delighted shock from the adults that take in the sign as they slowly turn around. It's not the first thing you see when walking in so it's like the goodie bag at the end of the party.

In Cody's bedroom everyone seems to gravitate towards the brick treatment, which has a bit of a 3D look.
We painted the wall in grey first for the mortar, then various paints were twirled around in a plate, then stamped on using the perfect sized sponge. Highlights and lowlights were added to each brick with the tip of a sponge brush.

What was your biggest indulgence?
In the playroom it's definitely the toys! Most of the room elements were found or from the thrift so there's no indulging where elements come into play in our home. When it comes to the bedroom it was the bedding. When I spotted the perfect tones of blue for the room, I knew it was the one! And it ended up being a bed in-a-bag so it wasn't very expensive. I simply added my own mix of found thrift store pillowcases to make things interesting.

What advice would you give to someone designing a children's room for the first time?
Do away with as much furniture as possible so there's room to play. The closet and armoire is where all the clothing is stored, which allowed more floor space for the more important things in life & like Lego building and white board drawing.
Bypass dressers for small rooms and consider built-ins for the closet instead; enhancing a closet will always leave you with more floor space.
And if you do use a piece of furniture for toys, go all the way up for massive storage possibilities in one fell swoop! Especially for a toy room.
Don't overlook a great captains bed for extra storage.

What is your dream source to shop?
I love a great thrift store that carries a wide range of anything, especially the ones that have outdoor spaces to shop. All kinds of outdoor elements make great unexpected room decor.


Playroom Resources
Sign: from the back 40 of a local Esso gas station. It was original to the building.
Wall unit and bins: Ikea
Large black hook: HomeSense (Canadian division to HomeGoods)
Pinocchio sign: from a now out of business furniture store
Red paint: Cloverdale Paint, Canada, color # was not saved
All the rest: thrift stores

Bedroom Resources
Blue bedding: Walmart
Low desk: Ikea
For the bedroom we also picked up many elements from Ikea for this room, such as the pen holders by the desk, stools, stars, funky mirror, dog tail wall hooks, and flickering torch lamp, mirrors and floor-to-ceiling toy storage.
All the rest: thrift stores
Blue paint: Cloverdale Paint, Canada, D3244 / 7302 +1YB

Thanks, Donna & Cody! Readers, you can see even more details of Cody's bedroom and playroom on Funky Junky.

(Images: Funky Junk Interiors)

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