This Is My Secret Source for Buying New Coffee Table Books on the Cheap

published May 7, 2021
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Credit: Reid Rolls

Ever since T.J. Maxx opened up for e-commerce, my weekend shopping sessions there have looked a little different. Not saying I’ve given up dropping by my local brick and mortars completely, but the option to browse from your sofa is never a bad thing.

On a recent “trip,” I was surprised to find a solid collection of pretty recently published coffee table books for sale — in particular, the “Tom Ford” book that’s basically a staple of every well-styled bookshelf or console. I’ve been eyeing this book for years, wanting to add it to my collection not only for its contents but also because it’s such a good scale (massive really!) and so graphically bold for a tableau. The $100+ price tag, however, has always stopped me. Well, I’m happy to report that T.J. Maxx even beats Amazon here (though right now the book appears to be on sale at Amazon, too). Now, $69.99 is by no means cheap, but it’s hands down the lowest I’ve ever seen this particular piece priced, especially brand new in packaging. I ordered it right away!

If you’ve been looking to refresh your own bookshelves and tabletops, definitely check TJX and Marshalls out. I had no idea these discount retailers carried current bestselling home design and cookbooks, and in many cases, pricing is a bit lower than you’d find elsewhere. Of course, it’s great to support your local bookstores as much as possible, but I see no harm in snagging a book at these stores every now and then, too. The selection IRL at stores varies greatly, so I rounded up a few gems available online from these retailers right now. Act fast because quantities are usually limited, but check back often, too. New items are always being added.

Credit: T.J.Maxx

“Tom Ford”

You’ll get lost in the beautiful imagery of this substantial book, which features the complete catalog of Tom Ford’s design work for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from 1994 to 2004. It doesn’t hurt that it looks great on virtually any shelf or coffee table either. Missed your chance to snag a copy at a discount at T.J. Maxx? Wait for a restock or check Marshalls.

Buy: “Tom Ford,” $69.99 from T.J. Maxx

Credit: Marshalls

“Jungalow: Decorate Wild Life And Style”

Justina Blakeney just dropped her latest plant-filled boho book last month, so I was shocked to find it at Marshalls. It’s a few dollars cheaper here than Amazon.

Buy: “Jungalow: Decorate Wild Life And Style,” $24.99 from Marshalls

Credit: T.J. Maxx

“Vogue: Living Houses Gardens People”

If only “Vogue Living” was a thing here in America; as far as I know, Australia’s the only country that has this title as a magazine. If you can’t get your fix of chic houses from that or the brand’s Instagram, then this is the coffee table book for you.

Buy: “Vogue: Living Houses Gardens People,” $39.99 from T.J. Maxx

Credit: Home Stories

“Home Stories”

The latest from designer Kim Leggett (author of the bestselling book “City Farmhouse Style”), “Home Stories” is all about honing your personal decorating style with meaningful pieces. Each chapter takes you on a tour of a striking space, revealing the stories behind the owner’s key pieces. You’ll find tons of interior and DIY project inspo here, too.

Buy: “Home Stories,” $19.99 from Marshalls

Credit: T.J. Maxx

“Jean-Michel Basquiat”

You won’t find just fashion and home titles at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls either; art books and cookbooks line the virtual shelves, too. This beautiful book, which showcases 120 of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat’s works, is currently in my cart. When house guests become a thing again, I know my friends will want to flip through this vibrant catalog that spans this famous artist’s short but spectacular career.

Buy: “Jean-Michel Basquiat,” $39.99 from T.J. Maxx