Coffee to Go: The Keep Cup

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re big fans of hot beverages this time of year, and we make sure to grab one of our to-go cups from the cupboard before heading to work. The problem? Over the years, they’ve all gotten leaky. So we were happy to hear that Anna over at Door Sixteen, who we admire for her great home design, recently gave a thumbs up to this one: the Keep Cup.

According to the Australia-based company’s site, the Keep Cup is “the first barista standard reusable coffee cup,” something former and current baristas can appreciate. It’s made from recyclable polypropylene #5, and is purportedly unbreakable, with an estimated lifespan of four years. The Keep Cup is microwaveable (unlike all those reusable mugs we’ve got that have stainless steel wrapped around them).

Let’s see, what else do we like about this mug? There’s no handle, as Anna points out, which makes it perfect for car cup holders and much easier to squeeze into the dishwasher. As for storage, the cups are stackable, and while they come in three different sizes by volume, the lids fit all three sizes.

One more thing: they have a spill-proof plug that ensures none of your hot coffee will be jumping out to bite you while you’re running to catch that bus.

The prices aren’t exorbitant, ranging from $10.20 to $14.20, and shipping to the U.S. is also reasonable. Shop here.

(Image: Anna at Door Sixteen, used with permission.)