Collapsible Indoor Playhouse

With winter in full effect, it’s nice to have a home away from home, even if it means you never leave the house. This great handmade playhouse is a great way to have some indoor fun and best of all it collapses when you’d like to have your living room back again!

Ohdeedoh reader, Ali who can be found over at Sweetest Littles has been hard at work recently. She wanted desperately for her two children to have a warm cozy hide out away from things. Her husband lent a hand when it came to the frame work made from pvc pipe and she went to work on the sewing of the 1 piece house slip cover that fits over the top.

There’s a slot for mail, a flower garden out back and there’s already a little one hard at work in the kitchen inside. The only question now is who likes it more? Either way, it will be well loved for years to come. It makes a great place to spend an afternoon or even for a sleepover with a friend. Check out more photos over at Sweetest Littles.

Thanks Ali!